A game about two different dimensions.  Each has its own challenges and ways to go.

You can see other side through a little circle, but you can't touch it, only see.

It is really challenging and fun to play. 

Amazing graphics and smooth gameplay, I'm sure you'll like it!

If you are interested, download and check it out yourself!


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OtherSide_Windows.zip 15 MB
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OtherSide_Linux.zip 22 MB

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This is a really cool game with a really neat concept and really beautiful aesthetics! I can't wait to see what other games you make

Thanks! I am thinking about participating in Ludum Dare, so maybe something will come out soon, will see...


This was nice to play !

Tiny suggestion : map the respawn action to a key and not only on the mouse button.

Haven't played a lot, just through first level and I think it is amazing. Putting spawn points is incredible idea. And the game looks aesthetically beautiful. Thank You! :)

Great game!


Deleted 2 years ago

For now I don't have any social media devoted to my game dev journey... But maybe I'll consider making something like Twitter or Instagram)

I like the graphics and this little thing :)


Hey guys! Your game came in #2 out of 50+ games this week! CONGRATS! OtherSide is AMAZING and I can't wait for more! 

Thanks, man

Really FUN!


CONGRATS! You guys took the number one spot in my latest video! I LOVE OtherSide and I'm so happy I got the opportunity to feature it! 

I really really appreciate this. Still can't believe that my game ended up on the #1 spot on the video. Thanks

It's nIkita btw...)

That game is really fun! Controls are nice! Great job!

Gorgeous art style!

Thank you...)

How was the game?